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Unable to load translation.dll

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When configuring ODBC, you receive a "Unable to load Translation.dll" error


You are setting up an ODBC data source on a Windows® operating system using the Data Sources (ODBC) utility. The data source uses the IBM Informix® ODBC driver. When you use the Apply and Test Connection button you receive this error in a pop-up error window:

Unable to load Translation.dll


The INFORMIXDIR environment variable is incorrectly set in the operating system, in the Setnet32 utility, or in both. In both places the variable should be set to the full path of the directory where the IBM Informix® Client SDK is installed.

Important: This is only one possible cause of the problem. If this document does not give you what you need then search for other documents with the same problem.

Resolving the problem

Set the environment variable INFORMIXDIR correctly in both the operating system and in Setnet32.

1. Shut down the Data Sources (ODBC) utility you are using to set up the ODBC data source.

2. Set the environment variable INFORMIXDIR in the operating system so that the value is the complete path to the directory in which you installed Client SDK.

    Tip: For more information about setting environment variables in the operating system see the Related Information section.

3. Set the environment variable INFORMIXDIR in Setnet32 so that the value is the complete path to the directory in which you installed Client SDK.

    a. Go to Start --> Programs --> the folder for Client SDK --> Setnet32.

    b. In the IBM Informix Setnet32 window, the Environment tab scroll down to the INFORMIXDIR variable in the Client/Server Environment scroll box. If it is not the complete path to the Client SDK installation directory, same as the system variable above, update it:

      i. Click the INFORMIXDIR variable.

      ii. In the Edit Environment Variable text box type the directory path.

      iii. Click Set.

      iv. Verify that the change took place in the list.

      v. Click Apply.

      vi. Click OK.

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