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Determining how much memory you have on Solaris

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Memory on Solaris - How to use prtconf to determine the amount of physical memory you have.


When tuning IBM Informix® database servers you need to know the amount of memory on your Solaris™ system. The values you use in the Shared Memory Parameters section of the ONCONFIG configuration file determine the amount of memory the database server needs. The amount of memory on the computer limits how much memory the database server has available.

On Solaris, you can use the command prtconf to determine how much physical memory the computer has. This command (located in /usr/sbin) displays the total amount of memory for the computer in megabytes.


    1. Log in as any user. Superuser or user informix is not required.

    2. Run the command  prtconf | grep Mem


    This is an example from a system with 2048 megabytes (2 GB) of physical memory.

      $ prtconf | grep Mem

      Memory size: 2048 Megabytes

Note: Please contact your OS support if you need additional help with this command or other ways to identify the amount of memory on your computer.

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