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How to Install licenses on Multiple Partitions

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How do you install licenses on a machine with multi-boot configuration and two operating systems?


You will want to deploy the licenses on a multi boot configured system with dual operating system


There are two ways to do this:

  • Register the license to the Network Interface Card (NIC) address. This is also known as the Media Access Controller (MAC) address or Ethernet Card. This will not link the license to a specific hard drive serial number. The licenses may have to be installed on all the partitions.

  • The hard disk serial number can be used as hostid. To do so, both operating systems must share the same drive and hostname.

    Attached is a file used to obtain host information. Run it on each operating system. A dialog-box will pop up with the hard disk serial number and the hostname. If the information is identical on both operating systems then it is possible to use same license.


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