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How do I use the IBM® Rational® ClearCase® fix_prot utility to reprotect Microsoft® Windows® ACLs on VOB and view storage as well as adjust file and group ownership on VOB and view storage on UNIX® or Linux®?


Note: The information in this technote has been incorporated into the 8.0 version of the IBM Rational ClearCase Information Center.

A video demonstration of the material contained in this technote is available on the IBM Rational Support channel on YouTube under the topic of Using fix_prot to repair broken VOB storage directory permissions .

Usage: fix_prot [-force]
{ -root [-r[ecurse]]
[{-recover | -chown login-name -chgrp group-name}]
| -replace[_server_process_group]
| [-r[ecurse] [-type { d | f }]]
[-chown login-name] [-chgrp group-name] [-chmod permissions]
} pname ...

For more information on fix_prot and its usage, refer to IBM Rational ClearCase Administrator's Guide under the topic of fix_prot.

It is recommended that ClearCase services on Windows be shut down prior to running the fix_prot utility. This will ensure that no files are held open by ClearCase processes which otherwise could be skipped during the execution of the utility.

Note: When you run fix_prot, if there are any Additional Groups that were part of the VOBs group list, running this command will remove those groups. As a result you will need to run the protectvob command to add these additional groups back to the VOB.

The proper syntax and process for running fix_prot is as follows:

  1. Open a command prompt.

  2. Change directory to the <CCHOME>\etc\utils and issue the following commands in order indicating the appropriate pathnames for the operating system on which you are running the command.

    (Where: <CCHOME> is the home directory where ClearCase is installed.

    UNIX and Linux: /usr/atria/ or /opt/rational/clearcase

    Windows: C:\Program Files\IBM\RationalSDLC\ClearCase
    In ClearCase versions prior to the default path is C:\Program Files\Rational\ClearCase

Note: The fix_prot command will need to be executed twice if the -chmod option and the -root options need to be run.

  • %> fix_prot -r -chown <owner name> -chgrp <primary group> -chmod 775 <Path to VOB/View storage>
  • %> fix_prot -root -chown <owner name> -chgrp <primary group> <Path to VOB/View storage>

Note: If not using the -chmod switch, run the fix_prot command with both the -r and -root options as indicated below:

  • %> fix_prot -r -root -chown <owner name> -chgrp <primary group> <Path to VOB/View storage>

Note: Windows Only. If the ClearCase administrators group name has changed or you have moved a view to a new domain that has a different SID for this group, then the -replace_server_process_group switch is required.

Windows Only. Fix_prot can be run on schema 53 and 54 VOBs with one exception. The -recover switch can only be used on schema 53 VOBs. The functionality of this Windows only switch restores correct file system ACLs in a VOB or view storage directory based on the information in the identity.sd and groups.sd files. It is not applicable to schema version 54 VOBs because vob_sidwalk –recover_filesystem performs this function.

  • %> fix_prot -replace <Path to VOB/View storage>

Note: After running the two fix_prot commands the views may be usable but the existing checkouts fail with the 'permission denied' message. After running a 3rd fix_prot command with -recurse -chown -chgrp -chmod (no -root option) on the *parent* folder of the "view.stg" folder then the checkins will succeed.

Note: There are unknown problems that can occur when changing ACLs on a file system remotely, so it is recommended that you run the fix_prot utility directly from the VOB/View server itself and not through a remote connection.


If fix_prot returns an error message that begins with the following text:

fix_prot: Error: unknown style protections on foo: The data is invalid.

You must rerun the fix_prot command and specify all of the options (-chown, -chgrp, and -chmod) .

For example:

fix_prot -chown <owner> -chgrp <group> -chmod <###> pname

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