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Specifying the location of the workspace

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When starting WebSphere Studio, you are prompted to specify a workspace location where all project files are stored.

Resolving the problem

The working location for all of the data files that compose projects is called the workspace. Specifying a location for the workspace creates a physical location of all the files that are used to collectively create a project. A workspace can only be used by one person at a time. Once a workspace is opened, a .lock file is produced that stops more than one user from working with the workspace simultaneously.

If you are working on different applications, or different releases of the same application, you might want to keep different workspaces to develop separate projects. You can specify the workspace location when you start WebSphere Studio. You are can specify a workspace for WebSphere Studio in three different ways:

  • By selecting the WebSphere Studio executable from the program group or start menu. When WebSphere Studio starts, it displays a dialog that prompts you to specify or browse for a workspace.
  • On Windows platforms, you can create a shortcut to the WebSphere Studio executable, and specify the workspace location as an argument. Edit shortcuts by first creating a shortcut to the WebSphere Studio executable, and then editing the properties of the shortcut. Add arguments to the value of the target field, as shown in the following example:

"installationpath\wssitedev.exe" -data "workspacelocation" -showlocation

The double quotation marks are used for paths that have spaces in the folder names.
  • To specify a workspace from the command line type:

wssitedev -data workspacelocation -showlocation

In the preceding examples, workspacelocation is the fully-qualified directory of the workspace that you want to use. This example uses wssitedev which refers to WebSphere Studio Site Developer, however, a similar executable name is provided with each configuration of WebSphere Studio. The -showlocation argument is optional and it adds the workspace location to the title of the WebSphere Studio window as a reminder.

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