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Upgrading the version of Cloudscape that is included in WebSphere Studio

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Upgrading Cloudscape v5.0 to v5.1

Resolving the problem

WebSphere Studio v5.1.x includes a WebSphere Test Environment that is based on WebSphere Application Server v5.0.2, and includes Cloudscape v5.0.

You can install Cloudscape v5.1 over Cloudscape v5.0 to be the default database.

To upgrade the default Cloudscape v5.0 to v5.1, do the following steps:

  1. Run the installCloudscape51.bat file on Windows or file on Linux. This file is located in the WS_installdir/runtimes/base_v5/cloudscape51 directory where WS_installdir is the directory where you have installed WebSphere Studio. The installer launches a WebSphere-specific Cloudscape installer.
  2. When prompted for the directory name, browse or type your WS_installdir/runtimes/base_v5 directory.

The installCloudscape51 file adds the appropriate Cloudscape v5.1 libraries to the test environment classpath. After running the installCloudscape51 file, the directories bin, lib, and Uninstaller are created under the directory cloudscape51. Under the bin directory the embedded and networkServer directories are created and contain supporting files.

The embedded driver is comparable to the Cloudscape v5.0 driver and supports single client access while the network driver provides enhanced support including multiple client access and greater scalability.

Once you install Cloudscape v5.1, you cannot run or have any Cloudscape v5.0 defined data sources. If you want to run Cloudscape v5.0, first uninstall Cloudscape v5.1, and then remove Cloudscape v5.1 data sources or change them to Cloudscape v5.0 data sources.

Cloudscape v5.1 must be installed prior to starting the network server. To use the network driver, the network server must be started for database access to occur.

To start the Cloudscape v5.1 network server run  startNetworkServer.bat on Windows or on Linux. This file is located in the WS_installdir/runtimes/base_v5/cloudscape51/bin/networkServer/

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