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CEE3501S: The module httpd_V5R2M0 was not found. (HTTP Server for z/OS and OS/390)

Technote (troubleshooting)


CEE3501S: The module httpd_V5R2M0 was not found.

Resolving the problem

If you receive message CEE3501S you might have one of the following problems:
Example problem 1:

During HTTPD Server installation or applying product/system maintenance,
customer receives the message: CEE3501S The module httpd_V5R2M0 was
not found. In one case, the above message was issued when the level
of HTTPD in use was httpd_V5R3M0.

Check or do the following to resolve the problem:

1. The httpd file, httpd_v5r2m0 or httpd_v5r3m0, resides in the /usr/lpp/internet/sbin path.
This path should be coded in the httpd.envvars file on the LIBPATH statement.
For this example, use the ls -l /usr/lpp/internet/sbin command to verify
that the httpd_v5r2m0 file is present and has the correct path.
2. If the file is present in /usr/lpp/internet/sbin and the file path
is defined in the httpd.envvars on the LIBPATH statement,
then a re-IPL may temporarily by-pass the problem.

3. Check that multiple HFS's needing remount are done in the proper order.
4. Check to see whether you were pointing to a linklib dataset or steplib
in the webserver proc containing a member IMWHTTPD
for V5R2M0. If you browse IMWHTTPD member you can
search for V5R2M0 OR V5R3M0 to determine which
version it points to.  

5. If the above items (1, 2, & 3) appear correct, then check to see
if the message (CEE3501S) appears near the top of the -vv trace
during initial startup of the HTTP Server. If it does, then execute the program.
Before you execute, review the process in the
HTTPD Server Planning, Installing,and Using guide
You should check the following:
- the user has superuser authority.
- verify that has a permissions setting of 700.
- rename the configurations files (so they will not be
overwritten by the sample config files).
note: The socks.conf file will not be overwritten

6. CD to /install_path/sbin

7. Enter:
This solved the problem for a customer after
initial installation.

Example problem 2:

Below is another example of when this message could occur:
In the following case, a customer copied a HTTP V5R2M0 level
of the module into a directory that was specified on a Service directive in
the http.conf file. The trace shows the correct HTTP V5R3M0
module is found and loaded just prior to the Web server attempting to
load the incorrect level of the module. Solve the problem by removing the
incorrect module from the path specified on the Service directive in the httpd.conf file.
The load fails and CEE3501S is issued.

TOP of trace

............ This is IBM HTTP Server V5R3M0 <----- correct stub used/loaded
............ Built on Oct 5 2000 at 13:17:27.
............ Started at Mon Dec 11 15:00:19 2000
............ Running as "WEBSRV", UID:0, GID:10.
[ 0 11/Dec/2000:15:00:19.675393]: Setting of address space limit to max completed
[ 0 11/Dec/2000:15:00:19.675520]: Setting of CPU limit to max completed
[ 0 11/Dec/2000:15:00:19.740026]: Failed to load DLL module //GSKSSL: EDC5205S DLL module not found.
[2145DC48 11/Dec/2000:15:00:19.741853]: Timer....... not being created for a type-0 thread.
[2145DC48 11/Dec/2000:15:00:19.741952]: HTIPC: In HTConfigSet_Init()
[2145DC48 11/Dec/2000:15:00:19.741991]: HTIPC: new lcs = 2152a5b8
[2145DC48 11/Dec/2000:15:00:19.742418]: Setting of max number of files to infinity failed: errno: 121 errno2: 11480364
[2145DC48 11/Dec/2000:15:00:19.742548]: freeSSLLabelList:
[2145DC48 11/Dec/2000:15:00:19.742588]: clearSSLCipherSpec
[2145DC48 11/Dec/2000:15:00:19.742626]: Adding...... internal function "UsageFn" (21A3B420).
[2145DC48 11/Dec/2000:15:00:19.742667]: Adding...... internal function "HTImage" (21A3C1E0). of trace

BOTTOM of trace:

[2145DC48 11/Dec/2000:15:00:20.617712]: API... Successful getting fn pointer "mvsdsGet"
[2145DC48 11/Dec/2000:15:00:20.617763]: API... Trying to load shared library "/usr/lpp/internet/bin/"
[2145DC48 11/Dec/2000:15:00:20.617810]: ApplEnvFilter... Loading dll "/usr/lpp/internet/bin/" due to default
[2145DC48 11/Dec/2000:15:00:20.618321]: API... Successful loading shared library "/usr/lpp/internet/bin/"
[2145DC48 11/Dec/2000:15:00:20.618373]: API... Trying to get fn pointer "mvsdsGet" from module "/usr/lpp/internet/bin/mv"
[2145DC48 11/Dec/2000:15:00:20.618427]: API... Successful getting fn pointer "mvsdsGet"
[2145DC48 11/Dec/2000:15:00:20.618468]: Internal.... function HTImage --> 21A3C1E0.
[2145DC48 11/Dec/2000:15:00:20.618506]: Found....... internal function named "HTImage".
[2145DC48 11/Dec/2000:15:00:20.618545]: Internal.... function HTImage --> 21A3C1E0.
[2145DC48 11/Dec/2000:15:00:20.618593]: Found....... internal function named "HTImage".
[2145DC48 11/Dec/2000:15:00:20.618633]: Internal.... function UsageFn --> 21A3B420.
[2145DC48 11/Dec/2000:15:00:20.618671]: Found....... internal function named "UsageFn".
[2145DC48 11/Dec/2000:15:00:20.618711]: Internal.... function TraceFn --> 21A39260.
[2145DC48 11/Dec/2000:15:00:20.618764]: Found....... internal function named "TraceFn".
[2145DC48 11/Dec/2000:15:00:20.618802]: API... Trying to load shared library "/usr/lpp/internet/bin/" <---------------correct load of
[2145DC48 11/Dec/2000:15:00:20.618842]: ApplEnvFilter... Loading dll "/usr/lpp/internet/bin/" due to default
[2145DC48 11/Dec/2000:15:00:20.854373]: API... Successful loading shared library "/usr/lpp/internet/bin/"
[2145DC48 11/Dec/2000:15:00:20.854588]: API... Trying to get fn pointer "HTCounter" from module "/usr/lpp/internet/bin/h"
[2145DC48 11/Dec/2000:15:00:20.854653]: API... Successful getting fn pointer "HTCounter"
[2145DC48 11/Dec/2000:15:00:20.854694]: API... Trying to load shared library "/appls/repostest/"
[2145DC48 11/Dec/2000:15:00:20.854737]: ApplEnvFilter... Loading dll "/appls/repostest/" due to default <-------------------------------------------rogue copy of being loaded from User directory.
CEE3501S The module httpd_V5R2M0 was not found.
From entry point __dllstaticinit at compile unit offset +000000DE at address 21B56D36.
<> LEAID ENTERED (LEVEL 04/26/1997 AT 13.28)

Document information

More support for: WebSphere Application Server for z/OS

Software version: 5.3

Operating system(s): Platform Independent, z/OS

Reference #: 1138327

Modified date: 13 September 2004

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