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How to troubleshoot XBSA error 96 when using Tivoli Storage Manager

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While running onbar against Tivoli Storage Manager I get XBSA error 96 how do I figure out what that is?


If after attempting to back perform a BAR operation using ON-Bar and Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), the ON-Bar activity log contains error 96. This error indicates that a storage manager error occurred that couldn't be explained with the currently defined XBSA return codes. Then you must look in the error log of TSM to determine the real error number.

Why TSM gives error 96

TSM communicates with ON-Bar using a protocol called X/Open Backup Services Application Programmers Interface (XBSA).

XBSA defines a limited number of error codes that can be passed through the interface. When TSM encounters an error that does not conform to any of the standard XBSA error messages it must use error 96.

How to determine the real error

When you get an error 96 follow these steps:

    1. Look at the error 96 in the ON-Bar activity log and note the date and time to the second.

    2. On the server on which TSM is running execute this command at the command prompt to get the full path to the TSM error log:
      On UNIX:  echo $DSMI_LOG

      On Windows:  set DSMI_LOG

    If the DSMI_LOG environment variable is not set then contact your TSM administrator to and ask them locate the TSM error log for you.

    3. Look in the TSM error log for entries in which the time of occurrence was close to but not later thanthe time you found in step 1. The entry that you find is most likely the true cause of the XBSA error 96.

    Once you know the true TSM error you can continue troubleshooting using that error.

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