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RTmaster error: [] - Cannot create FIFO

Technote (troubleshooting)


The following error occurs when running a suite:

RTmaster fatal user initialization error
rtagent: [] no more available shared memory segments.
[] - Cannot create FIFO/c=/progra~1/...nutcroot/fifos/a296 file exists.


Files in the Fifo directory were not cleaned up properly.

Resolving the problem

Delete the files in the Fifo directory (C:\Program Files\Rational\Rational Test\NUTCROOT\fifos). After deleting all the files on the test agent in the above directory, restart the test agent. The error should no longer occur.

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Software Development Rational Performance Tester Windows

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More support for: Rational TestManager
Integrations: IBM

Software version: 2002 Release 2, 2002, 2002.05.00, 2002.05.20, 2003, 2003.06.00, 2003.06.12, 2003.06.13

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: 1136396

Modified date: 30 June 2004