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About restarting the ClearCase license server after making modifications

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This technote explains whether it is necessary or not to stop and restart IBM® Rational® ClearCase® processes on the license server after making modifications.

Resolving the problem

Whenever a license is requested, the albd_server process will re-read the license database. This means that if a new license key is added or removed, there is no need to restart ClearCase on the license server in order for this key to take effect. When the previous key's expire or are no longer valid, the check for a valid license key will continue until one is found and a license granted, or until the end of the file and a license denied.

With that said, there are some caveats:

  • If a user is initially denied a license, and the license database is subsequently modified to exclude the -nuser option, the user will be granted a license immediately the next time a request is made.
  • The opposite is not true. If a user requests a license to which one is granted and then the user is added to the exclusion list, that user can continue to use the license provided until

    a. The license is revoked

    b. The next periodic license check occurs after the initial time-out period ends.

Note: This is due to the fact that the client caches licensing information.

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