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FLEXlm Error -97 rational daemon process suddenly locks up

Technote (troubleshooting)


This technote explains why the error, FLEXlm Error -97 Rational daemon process suddenly locks up, when running IBM® Rational® Product Licensing.


There might be occasions when for no apparent reason, the rational daemon of the license server becomes unresponsive or idle.

The license server might have been running for a period of time before the rational daemon process suddenly becomes idle, resulting in the error FLEXlm error -97, The desired vendor daemon is down.


This issue has been known to occur when the Operating System becomes instable.

Resolving the problem


Use the lmreread command to re-initialize the idle rational process. Issue the lmreread from this location:


lmreread -c path_to_license_file

If the symptom persists after the lmreread command (re-initialization was unsuccessful), use the kill command to terminate the idle rational process, and then run lmreread to initiate a new rational process.

On Microsoft® Windows®:

The quickest way to ensure that the rational.exe process can be reinitialized successfully is to reboot the machine.

The alternative is the try reinitializing the idle rational.exe by way of the lmreread command. Open a command prompt and issue the following command:

lmutil lmreread -c path_to_license_file

If the symptom persists after the lmreread command (re-initialization was unsuccessful), attempting to end the idle rational.exe process from Task Manager will fail with an Access is denied error message, unless if the license server processes were not started as Windows Service initially. By default, the license server processes on Windows based operating systems are started as NT Service. If lmreread is unsuccessful, and reboot the machine to clear it from memory.

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