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Error: The session must be initialized before any operations are possible

Technote (troubleshooting)


This technote explains possible solutions for the error: The session must be initialized before any operations are possible, that can occur when using the IBM® Rational® ClearQuest® E-Mail Reader. The E-Mail Reader might fail to insert new records into ClearQuest. This might happen even after the E-Mail Reader has been working successfully.


If the mail reader cannot access the database when it starts, it will generate this error. For example if the E-Mail Reader and the database server are on the same machine, and the mailreader service starts before the database server service. In this case you would need to stop and restart the mailreader.

This problem can also occur when the Local System account is used for the ClearQuest Mailreader Service.

If the privileges for the ClearQuest user dedicated to performing the actions in the E-Mail Reader have been changed, this error will be triggered.

Another possible cause may be that there is an Admin Session being created by a hook code and the admin password used for this session has been changed.

Resolving the problem

To resolve this issue:

  1. Select the Mailbox Name in the E-Mail Reader and click on the button Properties.
  2. Click on the button Next until the dialog Configure Rational Email Handler displays.
  3. Click on the button Configure. The next dialog shows the User, Connection and Database used by the E-Mail Reader to perform actions.
  4. Log onto ClearQuest Designer to the same Connection but with another ClearQuest User with Super User Privileges (the default is Admin). Check the Privileges in ClearQuest User Administration for the E-Mail Reader User. It must be an active ClearQuest User and subscribed to the database being monitored by the E-Mail Reader.
  5. Check also the Action Controls in the Schema on which the E-Mail Reader database is based on. The E-Mail Reader User must have Permissions on all Actions that can be performed by the E-Mail Reader.
  6. Verify that the account for the ClearQuest Mail Service is a specific dedicated account for the Mailreader service. From the Microsoft® Windows® Services Panel, select Properties for the service. Next select This account and enter a local user or a domain user, not the local system account. Reboot the machine after this change and try restarting the Mailreader service.
  7. If the E-Mail Reader appears to be setup correctly and the correct accounts are being used with the correct permissions, the issue could be schema related. Verify the admin password being used to create this session. To do the search on "adminsession", simply open the schema and go to Edit/Find in Hooks. If this API method is found, verify the admin password being used to create this session is correct.
  8. When verifying the connection, if the E-Mail Reader account is a user account, log in as that user, open the ClearQuest Maintenance Tool, and verify the connection is pointing to the expected database. If not, update the connection profile.

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