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Use of the SetFieldValue method in the Commit action

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This technote explains the usage of the SetFieldValue method in the Commit action in IBM® Rational® ClearQuest®.

Resolving the problem

It is not possible to use the SetFieldValue function during the Commit event of an action. The reason for this is that the Commit event happens during the database commit, which is too late to change field values. The field values have already been committed to the database.

While ClearQuest allows you to appears to accept the new field value on the form and in the query result set, if the query is rerun the changes will not appear in the refreshed result set or on the form.

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Software version: 7.0,, 2002.05.00, 2002.05.20, 2003.06.00, 2003.06.12, 2003.06.13, 2003.06.14, 2003.06.15, 2003.06.16

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Modified date: 13 December 2006