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How to obtain the Host ID required to generate Rational ClearCase Atria license

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How do you obtain the Host ID to generate the IBM Rational ClearCase Atria license key (Rational ClearCase classic license key)?


Host ID is required when generating Rational ClearCase Atria license key.

Instructions for each operating system on obtaining the Host ID for a Rational ClearCase Atria License:

Solaris/SunOS 5
run /usr/sbin/sysdef -h

Results in a 8-digit hex number

HP/UX (all except 11i and Superdome)
run /bin/uname -i

Results in a number usually 10 or 12 digits.

HP/UX 11i or Superdome

run /bin/uname -m

Results in a 12-digit number

run /etc/sysinfo

Use first four pairs of hex digits from first line.

run clearlicense -hostid

UNIX and UnixWare
Install Rational ClearCase and enter command clearlicense -hostid

Use last four pairs of hex digits of Ethernet Interface, hardware address in /var/adm/messages

run ildconfig

Use the 12-digit number displayed in NODE field for first csma/cd adapter.

Microsoft Windows (several alternatives)

  • Install Rational ClearCase and run the command clearlicense -hostid or just hostid
  • Run ipconfig -all and look for the Physical Address which will display similarly to this: 00-60-97-2D-2E-D9
  • If you have Microsoft® Developer Studio® installed, in the bin directory (for example c:\msdev\bin) there is a file called uuidgen.exe. Run the executable, which will return output similar to: 8963f520-e965-11d0-91f9-00a024c23b99
    The last string of numbers is the Host ID, so in this example the Host ID is 00a024c23b99.
  • On the Rational ClearCase CD or in the ClearCase Release Area, look for an executable called hostid.exe. Copy this file to the license host and run it. The results will be displayed in a GUI.

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