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How to create a new record type with the cqload importintegration command in ClearQuest

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This technote explains how to create a new record type with the cqload importintegration command in IBM® Rational® ClearQuest®.


The cqload importintegration command works for ClearQuest, if the exportintegration was made using the primary record type. If the default record type was not specified, you might receive the following error:

There is a reference to an object that does not exist:
 Object Type: Entity
 Object: enhancement
This error was detected at: ClearQuest Core:admetadatamgr.cpp:1195

Resolving the problem

ClearQuest does not allow the creation of new record type though use or the cqload importintegration command.

To workaround this issue, follow the following steps:

  1. create a new record type (For the example call it Jobs) in the source schema, and do nothing else, just create the record type.
  2. Next, check it in. So this version (For example version 9) of the schema is only creating the record type.
  3. Next, it can be checked out the schema again to customize this record type.
  4. Once finish customized the record type, check it in again, so the new version is now 10.
  5. Using the Cqload Exportintegration command as the example below, only export version 10 from the source:

    cqload exportintegration -dbset Project1NY admin ""
    DefectTracking 10 10 Jobs C:\temp\exportver10.txt

  6. In the destination schema, create the same record type (Jobs), Check it in.
  7. Using Cqload importintegration command as the example below, now import version 10;

    cqload importintegration -dbset Project1LA admin ""
    DefectTracking Jobs newrecord 10 10 C:\temp\exportver10.txt ""

  8. In summary, we skip version 9 in the export/import integration, creating the new record type manually on the source and the destination schema.

For more information regarding the syntax of Cqload exportintegration and Cqload importintegration see technote 1128540.

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