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Verify if the Microsoft Outlook Collaboration Data Objects are installed locally

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When using MAPI for IBM Rational ClearQuest Email notifications, the CDO must be installed as it is required by Microsoft Outlook when using the MAPI protocol. How do users determine if the Microsoft Outlook Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) are installed locally?


Here is a possible error message that can occur if CDO is not installed. This will cause e-mail notification to fail:

Throw: Execution of a hook failed during the action xxxxx. It was the ACTION_NOTIFICATION hook attached to the yyyy "zzzz". The reason for the failure was: Error processing Email Rule "wwww" : "\b   error description = (null).

If this error is encountered, installing CDO is known to resolve the error and e-mail notification started working.


To check if the Outlook Collaboration Data Objects are installed, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Start > Control Panel > Settings > Add/Remove Programs

  2. Then click on Add/Remove Windows Components. Select MS Office and click on Change

  3. Click on Add/Remove Features, then expand the Outlook folder. A red cross or X displayed in front of Collaboration Data Objects indicates that they are not installed

Beginning with Outlook 2007, Microsoft no longer provides CDO as part of the product installation. Even though Outlook itself is a MAPI client, the stand-alone version of CDO must be installed. Otherwise, ClearQuest E-Mail Notification on MAPI will not work. The CDO objects can be downloaded here.

NOTE regarding Outlook 2010: Microsoft Outlook is not currently supported with IBM Rational ClearQuest. This is being tracked as a defect under APAR PM42327.

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