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Removing UCM stream fails with no tag in region for view

Technote (troubleshooting)


This technote answers how to resolve the error, Can't remove stream because no tag in region for view, when working in IBM® Rational® ClearCase® UCM.


When removing a UCM stream, the following error occurs:

Remove stream "stream:evchan_proj1_2@\ford_pvob"? [no]yes
cleartool: Error: No tag in region for view "98573bec.d7e34570.a71c.e8:ab:7c:50:d4:02".


Any one of the following could be the cause for this issue:

  1. This is in a MultiSite environment and the view exists at a different replica site
  2. This is a mixed Windows and UNIX environment with multiple registry regions, and the view is not tagged in the current region
  3. The view no longer exists, but its reference in the project VOB was not properly removed. The view was manually removed using the cleartool rmtag -view and cleartool unregister -view commands, but there is still a reference to the view in the UCM project VOB (PVOB).

Resolving the problem

For Cause 1

Remove the stream using a client at the site where the view exists.

For Cause 2

Remove the stream using a client that is set to the region where the view is tagged.

For Cause 3

Here are the steps to resolve the error that is preventing the removal of the UCM stream. After completing these step, the stream will be removed.

Note: The following steps are completed from the command line. However, Microsoft® Windows® users can refer to technote 1146159 for directions to remove the view reference from the ClearCase Administration Console.

1. Verify that the uuid from the error, is actually listed as a view attached to the stream, using

    cleartool lsstream -l stream_name@\pvob.

    Note: In the Windows graphical user interface (GUI) the Properties of Stream does NOT show unresolvable view UUIDs, which could lead you to believe there are no views attached, thus, you need to use the lsstream -long command as explained in the example below to display the view references.


    C:\Atria\etc\utils>ct lsstream -l evchan_proj1_2@\ford_pvob
    stream "evchan_proj1_2"
    09-Jan-02.12:43:45 by evchan.CC_CUP_USERS@f15eagle
    owner: RATIONAL\evchan
    project: proj1@\ford_pvob (development stream)
    default deliver stream: proj1_Integration@\ford_pvob
    development streams:
    contains activities:
    foundation baselines:
    seats_INITIAL@\ford_pvob (seats@\ford_pvob) (modifiable)
    recommended baselines:

2. This uuid will also be listed against the UCM PVOB, run cleartool describe -l vob:\pvob


    C:\Atria\etc\utils>ct desc -l vob:\ford_pvob
    versioned object base "\ford_pvob"
    created 03-Jan-02.17:49:11 by evchan.CC_CUP_USERS@f15eagle
    project VOB
    VOB family feature level: 3
    VOB storage host:pathname "f15eagle:d:\ClearCase_Storage\VOBs\ford_pvob.vbs"
    VOB storage global pathname "d:\ClearCase_Storage\VOBs\ford_pvob.vbs"
    database schema version: 54
    VOB ownership:
    owner RATIONAL\evchan
    promotion levels:
    default promotion level: INITIAL
    VOB holds objects from the following views:
    f15eagle:d:\ClearCase_Storage\views\RATIONAL\evchan\evchan_proj1_2.vws  [uuid 98573bec.d7e34570.a71c.e8:ab:7c:50:d4:02]
    FeatureLevel = 3
    AdminVOB@40@\color <- vob:\color

3. You will need change directory (cd) into the PVOB


    W:\>cd ford_pvob


4. Remove the view reference from the PVOB using, cleartool rmview -uuid uuid_number

    Note: By adding the -all switch, you will ensure to remove the view reference from the PVOB and any UCM Component VOBs that may also have a reference from this view; cleartool rmview -all -uuid uuid_number. In this particular example, the -all was not required since we are only removing the view reference from the PVOB.


    W:\ford_pvob>ct rmview -uuid 98573bec.d7e34570.a71c.e8:ab:7c:50:d4:02
    Removed references to view "f15eagle:d:\ClearCase_Storage\views\RATIONAL\evchan\evchan_proj1_2.vws" from VOB "\ford_pvob".

5. Now the stream can be removed, using cleartool rmstream stream_name@\pvob


    W:\ford_pvob>ct rmstream evchan_proj1_2@\ford_pvob
    Remove stream "evchan_proj1_2@\ford_pvob"?  [no] y
    Removed stream "evchan_proj1_2@\ford_pvob" .

For more information on cleartool rmview -uuid or any of the cleartool sub-commands referenced in this technote, refer to the IBM Rational ClearCase Command Reference Manual or run cleartool man <sub-commnad>.

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