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This technote explains what the .compiled_spec and config_spec files do that are stored in the IBM® Rational® ClearCase® View storage directory on Microsoft® Windows® Linux® and UNIX®.

Resolving the problem

The ASCII .compiled_spec file is what the view_server and MVFS use to determine which files should be selected.

The config_spec file is a flat file that is used as source before the compile, and subsequently when cleartool catcs is issued.

What this means is that the file config_spec is NOT what determines the selection of files in the view.

The .compiled_spec will be regenerated ONLY as the result of a setcs or edcs command.

Problems can arise if the .compiled_spec is not present or if the config_spec is not edited through the appropriate cleartool edcs operation.

Example #1

If for some reason the .compiled_spec file is removed or unreadable due to accidental deletion or some disk error, the setview or startview commands will result in the following error:

mvfs: error: view=view_tag vob=vob_tag no configuration spec set....

What's especially misleading in this case is that cleartool catcs may show a perfectly normal config spec of the view. This is because cleartool catcs merely shows the contents of the config_spec file from view-storage.

To recover from this problem simply execute cleartool setcs -current' which will recompile the config spec and recreate the .compiled_spec, repairing the view trouble.

Example #2

Either the config_spec file was edited directly without a subsequent edcs or a file referenced in the config spec was added as a File-inclusion rule was edited without a subsequent setcs.

When you use File-inclusion rule in a config spec so that a remote file's contents can be used as the config_spec you must recompile the .compiled_spec through use of the cleartool setcs -current -tag <viewtag> command each time you make changes to the remote included file.

Review the ClearCase Command Reference Guide on the topic of config_spec (cleartool man config_spec) for more information about config specs and the File-inclusion rule.

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