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Requirements when IP address, hostname and NIS are changed

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What must be done in an IBM® Rational® ClearCase® and ClearCase MultiSite® environment when the IP address, hostname or NIS configurations are changed?


NIS & IP Address Changes

An Internet Protocol (IP) address change will not harm (or interfere with) Rational ClearCase functionality if all the servers and clients are rebooted immediately afterwards. This will allow the host to flush any reference (or cache) to the old IP address.

Changing the IP address of the ClearCase license server on UNIX® or Linux® may require a modification to the /etc/hosts file on the client machines.

This error, mvfs: Error: view= vob= No license available from atria license manager. Use clearlicense to display license usage, may occur from client hosts even though nslookup reports the correct IP address.

Check the UNIX client to see if it still has the old IP address listed in its /etc/hosts file, instead of the new IP address.

Note: If you are using NIS or NIS+, put the actual IP address returned by nslookup.

Hostname Changes

The hostname change is more critical as all VOB and view locations are recorded with the hostname by default.

You will have to replace all the existing registry entries of the VOBs and views with the new location; cleartool register -replace and cleartool mktag-replace

If you change the host name of the license or registry server then you also need to change the configuration of the clients so that they point to the new license and/or registry server.

In a MultiSite environment, you will need to run the command:

multitool chreplica -host hostname replica:<replica_name>@<vobtag>

on each replica to reflect the new hostname and then synchronize with each site to inform them of the hostname change.

Note: If the hostname of the server was inadvertently changed, rename the host back to the original name and restart the host. The clients should then be able to access the server.

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