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Database schema version (53) is not the expected one (54)

Technote (troubleshooting)


This technote describes what happens when an IBM® Rational® ClearCase® VOB and its server (either Microsoft® Windows® or UNIX® or Linux®) are at different schema levels and how to resolve the problem.


Some tell tale signs that your server and VOB are out of sync with regards to the schema level can be seen through a series of errors that occur during simple ClearCase commands, such as:

  • Attempts to cd into a mounted UNIX® or Linux® VOB from a Microsoft® Windows® client yields the following MVFS error:

    Windows - Fatal Application Exit
    mvfs:ERROR: view=<view tag>=\<vob tag> - ClearCase vob error see view_log on host <view server> for more info

  • The view server logs reveal the following errors:

    view_server.exe(1088): Warning: Unable to open vob 'host:/export/home/vobs/vob.vbs': unknown error in VOB

    view_server.exe(1088): Error: Unexpected error in VOB "host:/export/home/vobs/vob.vbs" op vob_ob_get_gen_num:error detected by ClearCase subsystem
    See vobrpc_server_log on host host

  • The VOB server logs reveal the following errors:

    Trouble opening VOB database: "/vobs/vob".

    Unable to access database (format too old): "/vobs/vob".

    Database schema version (53) is not the expected one (54)

  • Attempts to determine which schema the VOB is set to using the cleartool describe command results in the following error:

    # cleartool describe -long vob:/vobs/vob
    cleartool: Error: Unable to access database (format too old): "/vobs/vob".
    cleartool: Error: Trouble opening VOB database: "/vobs/vob".

    Note: The following examples were taken from an interop or heterogeneous environment (Windows and UNIX); however, the same problem and its resolution occur for homogeneous environments (Windows only or UNIX only) as well.

Example Scenario:
You have Schema 54 VOBs installed on the VOB server. Upon upgrading or patching, you accidentally install Schema 53. The above errors can occur.

Note: In this case, you will need to uninstall ClearCase and re-install with the correct Schema version support.

Resolving the problem

Based on the symptoms above, verify if in fact the VOBs are at an older schema level than that of the server they are installed on.

Check the version of the ClearCase install

  1. Verify the schema version on the server:

    # cleartool -ver
    ClearCase version 4.1 (2000.02.10) (Fri Aug 04 11:59:22 EDT 2000)
    @(#) MVFS version 4.1 (Wed Jul 26 20:42:31 EDT 2000)
    cleartool                         V4.1 (Fri Jul 28 20:20:19 EDT 2000)
    db_server                         V4.1 (Fri Jul 28 20:16:45 EDT 2000)

    VOB database schema version: 54

  2. Review the vob_db_schema_version file in the VOB storage database (db) directory to see what schema the VOB is at:

    UNIX example:

    # cd vob.vbs

    # ls

    admin d replica_uuid vob_oid
    c db s vob_server.conf

    # cd db

    # ls

    logs vob_db.d01 vob_db.k01 vob_db.str_file
    vista.taf vob_db.d02 vob_db.k02 vob_db_schema_version
    vista.tcf vob_db.d03 vob_db.k03
    vista.tjf vob_db.dbd vob_db.k04

    # cat vob_db_schema_version

If you find there is a difference, than a reformatvob operation will need to be performed on the VOB.

Reformatvob changes the format of a VOB database from a format used in a previous ClearCase release to the current format.

A new release may use a different database format to support new product features, to enhance storage efficiency, or to improve performance.

Note: Reformatvob is a one-way command. The dump and load phases must be allowed to complete (although they can take place at different times). You cannot abort and undo a reformat operation after you have started it; you can only restart and complete the operation.

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