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Exporting and importing ClearQuest schemas

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What tool can be used to export and import IBM Rational ClearQuest database schemas?


You want to export an entire schema from one schema repository (MASTR) database and import into another.


Use the cqload utility. The utility exports the schema to a file, the name and location of which is specified by the user. For the primary documentation on this tool, see the cqload topic in the Rational ClearQuest Information Center. This documentation contains the latest information about the tool.

To use cqload, it is necessary to use the DOS command prompt. In addition, the schema to be exported, must not be checked out. If cqload is run while the ClearQuest Designer is open, it will need to be closed, then restarted in order to show the changes made by cqload.

The exportschema subcommand is used to export an entire schema to a text file. This schema text file can then be imported into another schema repository using the importschema command. The syntax and examples of both commands are shown below.

cqload exportschema -dbset <connection name> <cq-login> <cq-password> <schema name> "<script full path name>"

Parameter Description
<connection name> Existing connection associated with the schema repository database as viewed in the ClearQuest Maintenance Tool. 2003.06.00 (shown in above example) is the default set up automatically in the 2003 release of the ClearQuest Maintenance Tool.
<cq-login> ClearQuest administrative login name
<cq-password> ClearQuest administrative password (enter "" if the value is blank)
<schema name> Name of the schema exactly as it appears in ClearQuest Designer. This is case sensitive.
<script full path name> This must be surrounded by double quotes. A UNC path format can also be used.


    cqload exportschema -dbset 2003.06.00 admin "" DefectTracking "c:\temp\schema.txt"

This command will export the contents of the DefectTracking schema to the file c:\temp\schema.txt.

The importschema subcommand is used to import an entire schema from a textual representation, and add it to the schema repository. It can be useful for sharing entire schemas with sites that cannot access the main schema repository, or have a different schema repository.

    cqload importschema -dbset <connection name> <cq-login> <cq-password> "<script full path name>"


    cqload importschema -dbset 2003.06.00 admin "" "c:\temp\schema.txt"

With both subcommands, a message will appear indicating a successful export or import when completed.

Additional Notes

  • The file C:\temp\schema.txt was created using the cqload exportschema command. During that process, the name of the exported schema was saved into this file. So when this schema is imported, the schema name will be used to create the schema with cqload importschema. If that name is already in use in destination schema repository, the import will fail.
  • Use of the cqload command does not effect the users of any production databases, unlike database upgrade operations that would require ClearQuest users to exit a database prior to an upgrade.
  • If a schema is checked out, it can still be exported. The last version that is exported is the checked-out version, but no changes made during the last check-out will be included in the exported schema.
  • In the current Rational Clearquest 7.1, there is a new feature to Export a Schema in the Rational Clearquest Eclipse Designer into an XML format. This is not currently used for Support work as it is intended to be used future releases. Thus if you are asked by Rational Support to export your schema, it is best to still use the cqload command.

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