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About short DHCP leases and ClearCase

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What are the effects on IBM® Rational® ClearCase® when a short IP lease is configured for your Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) on Microsoft® Windows®?


Pure Client

If the ClearCase client host is a "pure" client (which means the host does not store views or VOBs for other machines to use), the short DHCP lease configuration will not pose any problems to ClearCase operations.

View/VOB Server Host

Now if the ClearCase client or server hosts view and or VOB storage on the machine for other users to access, a short DHCP lease will affect the clients hosts accessing this server.

Note: DHCP will not affect clients that access views or VOBs on its own host.

Client Configuration

The clients that access a host with VOB or view storage configured with a short DHCP lease will need to flush the operating system cache (which stores the IP address of the machines it contacts).

ADVISORY: You should always configure ClearCase hosts that have VOB and view storage using a static IP address when possible.

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