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Submitting an Rational ClearQuest record type other than defect from Rational TestManager

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Can you choose a record type other than defect from IBM Rational TestManager to IBM Rational ClearQuest?


You want to classify events into other record types. At this moment you can only submit a defect to Rational ClearQuest from a log event.

Resolving the problem

This feature has been identified as a request for enhancement (RFE) under RATLC00030576 and has been closed with no plans to implement.


Change the record type in Rational ClearQuest.

  1. Open the Rational ClearQuest Designer and open your schema.

  2. In the left panel of the screen, expand Record Types.

  3. The folder with a red mark on the label is your default record type.

  4. To change it, right click on the record type that you want to be the default and select Default Record Type.

  5. Upgrade the production database so the change takes effect.

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