How do I create an options file?

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How do I create an options file?

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How do I create an options file?


Ensure that a file called 'rational.opt' is present within the same directory
as your license file. Make sure that the options file has read permissions for

The content of the options file is very specific and it is important to make
sure that it is are correct. A sample options file is copied below:


GROUP DevTools_000 user1 user2 user3 user4 user5 user6 user7 user8
INCLUDE purify GROUP DevTools_000

There are two kind of statements within an options file - GROUP and INCLUDE.

The GROUP line declares a group name and specifies which users are members of
this group (please note: this has no relation to UNIX groups). The members are
the UNIX logins of those who need to use the product. The format is:

GROUP <GroupName> <user1> <user2> <user3> etc.

The INCLUDE details the feature to be used, and the groups that can access it.
The format is:

INCLUDE feature GROUP <GroupName>

The feature can be one of four values that are applicable to DeveloperTools -
'purify', 'purecov' and 'quantify' or 'purifyplus' (without the quotes).

Please make sure that there is a newline character after the last line in the
file (by pressing enter in a text editor at the end of the last line),
otherwise the license manager will not read the file completely and the license
will not be available.

After making changes to this file, you will need to restart the license
manager. You can do this by using the start script which comes with the license
manager (it's called 'start_lmgrd_on_<hostname>'). Running this script
with the parameter 'stop' shuts down the license server process, then after
some seconds for allowing the daemon to shut down, run the script again without
parameters to start the server again.This will force it to read the options
file, and the new settings should allow your users to work.

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