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Read-Only access to a database for ClearQuest users

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Is it possible to restrict users to having read-only access to IBM Rational ClearQuest databases?


In the ClearQuest User Administration tool, it is not possible to make users Read-Only so that they cannot modify or enter new records. The only way to completely restrict access to records is to put a Base Action on each Record Type that gives Access Control to certain groups of users. This limits users not in those groups.

Here is an example overview of how you would add a BASE Action with access control on your record type:

  1. Open the schema you wish to make "read-only" in ClearQuest Designer.
  2. Open the States and Actions folder for the record type(s) you wish to apply this to.
  3. Double-click on Actions.
  4. Add an action of the type BASE.
  5. Define an Access Control hook for this action, user User Groups or hook, based on your preference.


Only the groups that you select at this point will be able to access this record type. Everyone else will be relegated to read-only permission. So, if there is only one user you would like to restrict access for, create a "catch all" group to subscribe all accounts to, and use that group in the access control.

This workaround requires extra maintenance and might slow down the performance of ClearQuest. A request for enhancement, RFE RATLC00707356, exists for the ability to restrict users as Read-Only in the User Administration tool. It is available for viewing on the RFE Community web site.

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