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Starting Rose on a different machine from Apex

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How do I start IBM® Rational® Rose® on a different machine from that which IBM Rational Apex® is running?

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There are several ways to start Rose on a different machine from the machine on which you run Apex.

  1. You may start the Rose servers explicitly in an Apex xterm (Tools:Shell) with commands as follows:

      %  apex_display -m <machine-name> execute Rose_Server
     %  apex_display -m <machine-name> execute Rose_Analyzer_Server  

    These two commands will start the two Rose servers on the machine specified in the command. Once started, they will receive all Apex-Rose communications.
  2. This method will effect all Apex and Rose users.
    Start an Apex xterm (Tools:Shell), and type "which Rose_Server" and "which Rose_Analyzer_Server" to locate the server executables. Then move these executables out of their present location (say to a newly created subdirectory of the location) and replace them with scripts such as:

       #! /bin/csh -f
      apex_display -m <machine_name> execute /the/new/location/Rose_Server $argv:q  

    This will automatically cause the Rose servers to start up on the named machine.
  3. If you want all Apex users to start Rose on alternate machines, then navigate to $APEX_HOME/editor_files and locate the various actions (in the editor_files directory and its subdirectories) that perform commands such as:

      %  apex_display send Rose_Server <the options and arguments>
     %  apex_display send Rose_Analyzer_Server <the options and arguments>  

    Change them to be:

      %  apex_display -m <machine_name> send Rose_Server <options, arguments>
     %  apex_display -m <machine_name> send Rose_Analyzer_Server <options, arguments>

    This will affect all Apex users, while pure Rose users will be unaffected. You may also do something like:

        %  apex_display -m $REMOTE_ROSE_MACHINE send Rose_Server <options, arguments>
       %  apex_display -m $REMOTE_ROSE_MACHINE send Rose_Server <options, arguments>  

    Naturally, every Apex user should set the environment variable indicating which machine to use. $REMOTE_ROSE_MACHINE could also be set in your local Apex customization.

NOTE: Be aware that the last two suggestions (2 and 3) require changes to Rational product code. Modifications to files should only be made by an experienced systems administrator following full backup.

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