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What task is responsible for deleting soft deletions?

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What task handles the permanent (hard) deletion of soft deletions?


When a user "deletes" a document, the document is removed from the current folder or view. In mail databases the documents will be placed in a hidden folder, ($SoftDeletions), which is part of the mail template. The document will be permanently deleted from the database once the soft deletion expiration time has passed. This can be set through the database properties, and by the Calendar Profile of mail files. The default for this setting is 48 hours.

In Domino versions up to 8.5.3, no specific task is responsible for removing expired soft deletions from a Notes database. Instead, the normal operation of opening a database may result in a check to see which soft deletions are expired. This can happen with any process, including user activity. However, the Update task will most often be the process that triggers this check of expired soft deletions.

Starting in Domino 9.0, there has been a change in the way this works. The Updall task is now responsible for removing the soft deletions. Updall is scheduled in the server notes.ini to run on a daily basis.

    NOTE: Starting with Domino 9.0.1 Fix Pack 6, you can use the following server notes.ini parameter to revert to the 8.5.3 functionality described above: CHECK_EXPIRED_SOFT_DELETES_ON_DBOPEN=1

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