SAAM1160E error when starting Site Analyzer using a remote Oracle database

Technote (troubleshooting)


Errors received when Site Analyzer is started:

Resolving the problem

The errors are:

SAAM1160E: SiteAnalyzer server problem
SAAM1160E : Connection could not be established with SiteAnalyzer data source

The following message can be found in the "satrace.txt" file:

[6/18/03 17:40:03:499 EDT] 19f722b6 DataSourceFac X CONM1006E: The data source class name "oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleConnectionPoolDataSource" could not be found for data source (SiteAnalyzer DataSource).
[6/18/03 17:40:03:780 EDT] 19f722b6 Helpers W NMSV0605E: A Reference object looked up from the context "domainRoots/UnspecifiedDomainName/legacyRoot" with the name "jdbc/SiteAnalyzer DataSource" was sent to the JNDI Naming Manager and an exception resulted.

Add the file to the classpath of the JVM Settings.
1. Highlight the Site Analyzer Server
2. Click on the JVM settings tab
3. Under Classpaths click on the 'add' button
4. type in the following under 'Name'

Reboot the server.

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