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ANR8302E I/O error on drive ..., KEY=0B, ASC=4B, ASCQ=00

Technote (troubleshooting)


Writing to an LTO tape in a 3583 library that is fibre attached may produce ANR8302E message with data phase errors.


The following error is logged in the Tivoli Storage Manager server activity log :

ANR8302E I/O error on drive DRIVE3 (\\.\tape0) (OP=WRITE, Error Number=1235, CC=0, KEY=0B, ASC=4B, ASCQ=00


The setting for the Speed on the SAN Data Gateway/switch is incorrect.

Diagnosing the problem

Refer to the Tivoli Storage Manager descriptions of I/O codes for information about the KEY, ASC and ASCQ values. In this case, a combination of ASC=4B, ASCQ=00 means "Data phase error".

Resolving the problem

This type of error is corrected by setting the speed on the ports for the SAN Data Gateway / Switch to the maximum of 1GB.

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Modified date: 10 February 2010

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