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How to create JAAS user name alias for a WebSphere Studio V5 datasource

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How do you supply the user name and password for the IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer V5 datasource database?


A WebSphere Studio V5 datasource uses the Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) alias for user name and password.

To create a JAAS user name alias:

  1. Go to the Security tab in the Server Configuration editor.

  2. Under the section named JAAS Authentication Entries, click Add.

  3. Enter an alias that you will later refer to in the datasource.

  4. Enter the user name and password and click OK.

  5. Go to the DataSource tab in the Server Configuration editor.

  6. Edit the data source.

  7. The JAAS alias will not show up in the Component-Managed authentication alias and the Container-Managed authentication alias.

  8. Select the newly-created alias for both drop downs.

  9. Save and restart server.

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