How to troubleshoot Notes client freezing on splash screen when launched

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Here is a list of troubleshooting techniques to try when you are trying to launch Lotus Notes® client, but only the splash screen shows and Notes does not launch


1. Verify the Notes data directory and path on the operating system and in the Notes.ini. Also make sure there is a Data subdirectory under the Notes directory. Notes requires a Notes Data directory path to run properly.
2. Make sure there is no more than one Notes.ini on the workstation.

3. Make sure you have write access on the workstation.

4. Try adding the following parameters to the Notes.ini of the Notes client.

DESKTOP6=c:\lotus\notes\data\desktop6.ndk => For R6 clients and up
DESKTOP5=c:\lotus\notes\data\desktop5.ndk => For R5 clients

5. Check the workstation's registry to verify that the datapath and path are correct by going to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Lotus\Notes. You should see Path and DataPath on the right hand side. Path default is C:\Lotus\Notes and DataPath default is C:\Lotus\Notes\Data.

6. Check to make sure the Temp environment path is C:\temp.

7. Check the data folder to see if there are any contents in it. Do you have the Cache file, Desktop file and Bookmark.nsf in this directory? If so, try removing them and allowing the client to rebuild these files.

8. Try to launch Notes on another workstation with the same user ID.

9. Check the third party applications on this machine and verify that they are not the cause.

10. Check to see if Notes launch in Safe Mode.

11. Try a clean uninstall and reinstall of Notes.

12. If all else fails you may have to reinstall the operating system (OS). In one case a customer's had been infected by a virus on the OS.

Note I: For more information on this topic refer to the following document: "Error: 'Unable to Load
Workspace File...' or 'Compacting Workspace...' when using Notes.ini Desktop= parameter"
Refer to TN 1088619

Note II: If this is an install on Windows 7 / Vista - then we recommend a Multi-user install and not the
single user install because of issues with rights on the machine for users which can also cause
Freezing or looping on splash screen and failure to launch.
Refer to TN 1470632

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