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Explanation of error codes associated with Sametime Community Services

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The Sametime.log contains ambiguous error codes, or "reasons." What do these error codes mean?

For example:
      I STLinks    06/Jan/03, 13:30:27  Logged out, Reason 0x80000207.


A brief description for the error codes is provided below.

General error/success codes

0x00000000 operation succeeded
0x80000000 operation failed
0x00000001 request accepted but will be served later
0x80000001 request is invalid due to invalid state or parameters
0x80000002 not logged in to community
0x80000003 unauthorized to perform an action or access a resource
0x80000004 operation has been aborted
0x80000005 the element is non-existent
0x80000006 the user is non-existent
0x80000007 the data are invalid or corrupted
0x80000008 the requested feature is not implemented
0x8000000A not enough resources to perform the operation
0x8000000B the requested channel is not supported
0x8000000C the requested channel already exists
0x8000000D the requested service is not supported
0x8000000E the requested protocol is not supported
0x8000000F the requested protocol is not supported
0x80000010 the version is not supported
0x80000011 user is invalid or not trusted
0x80000013 already initialized
0x80000014 not an owner of the requested resource
0x80000015 invalid token
0x80000016 token has expired
0x80000017 token IP mismatch
0x80000018 WK port is in use
0x80000019 low-level network error occurred
0x8000001A no master channel exists
0x8000001B already subscribed to object(s) or event(s)
0x8000001C not subscribed to object(s) or event(s)
0x8000001D encryption is not supported or failed unexpectedly
0x8000001E encryption mechanism has not been initialized yet
0x8000001F the requested encryption level is unacceptably low
0x80000020 the encryption data passed are invalid or corrupted
0x80000021 there is no common encryption method
0x80000022 the channel is destroyed after a recommendation is made connect elsewhere
0x00000023 the channel has been redirected to another destination
0x80000234 A second client has logged in but single login mode is enabled
0x80000235 This error is thrown when the user is trying to connect through remote server, but he is allowed only to connect to his home server.
0x80000236 This error is thrown when chat session initialization is rejected by chat logging.
0x80000237 This error is thrown when chat session is closed by chat logging
0x80000238 This error is thrown when trying to redirect the user to a cluster that is not configured for the server.
0x80000239 Incorrect entry for server in cluster document
0x80000240 AgentLink was not able to create an instance of StConnagentXX.exe
0x80000241 AgentLink was not able to create synchronization objects
0x80000242 AgentLink timed out while waiting for the StConagentXX.exe to be read
0x80000243 AgentLink unable to create memory mapped file objects
0x80000244 TLS configuration failure. This error indicates a problem with TLS configuration before the handshake begins. For example, wrong certificate store password.
0x80000245 TLS handshake failure. For example, the peer certificate is not signed
by a trusted authority.
0x80000246 TLS encode/decode error, such as a malformed TLS record.
0x80000247 Returned by a strict TLS server as response to non-TLS login.

Connection/disconnection errors
0x80000200 versions do not match
0x80000201 not enough resources for connection (buffers)
0x80000202 There is no permission to connect
0x80000203 not enough resources for connection (socket id)
0x80000204 hardware error occurred
0x80000205 network down
0x80000206 host down
0x80000207 host unreachable
0x80000208 TCP/IP protocol error
0x80000209 the message is too large
0x8000020A proxy error
0x8000020B server is full
0x8000020C server is not responding
0x8000020D cannot connect
0x8000020E user has been removed from the server
0x8000020F VP protocol error
0x80000210 cannot connect because user has been restricted
0x80000211 incorrect login
0x80000212 encryption mismatch
0x80000213 user is unregistered
0x80000214 verification service down
0x80000216 user has been idle for too long
0x80000217 the guest name is currently being used
0x80000218 the user is already signed on
0x80000219 the user has signed on again
0x8000021A the name cannot be used
0x8000021B the registration mode is not supported
0x8000021C user does not have appropriate privilege level
0x8000021D email address must be used
0x8000021E error in DNS
0x8000021F fatal error in DNS
0x80000220 server name not found
0x80000221 the connection has been broken
0x80000222 an established connection was aborted by the software in the host machine
0x80000223 the connection has been refused
0x80000224 the connection has been reset
0x80000225 the connection has timed out
0x80000226 the connection has been closed
0x80000227 disconnected due to login in two Sametime servers concurrently
0x80000228 maps to 0x80000227, retained for compatibility
0x80000229 disconnected due to login from another computer
0x8000022A unable to log in because you are already logged on from another computer
0x8000022B unable to log in because the server is either unreachable or not configured properly
0x8000022C unable to log in to home Sametime server through the requested server, since your home server needs to be upgraded
0x8000022D the applet was logged out with this reason. Perform relogin and you will return to the former state
0x80000233 client exceeds threshold
In this case the Community server is disconnecting clients that overflow the server. See technote 1621182 for additional information.

Client error codes
0x80002000 the user is not online
0x80002001 the user is in do not disturb mode
0x80002002 cannot login because already logged in with a different user name (Java only) IM error codes
0x80002003 cannot register a reserved type
0x80002004 the requested type is already registered
0x80002005 the requested type is not registered Resolve error codes
0x00010000 the resolve process was not completed, but a partial response is available
0x80020000 the name was found, but is not unique (requestwas for unique only)
0x80030000 the name is not resolvable due to its format, for example an Internet email address

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