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Error: "Unable To Extend an ID Table - Insufficient Memory" When Replicating or Compacting Db

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When a customer attempts to replicate or compact a large Notes database, the following error message occurs:

"Unable to extend an ID table insufficient memory"


This issue was reported to Quality Engineering, and was addressed in Notes 5.0.11 Client.

Excerpt from the Lotus Notes and Domino Release 5.0.11 MR fix list (available at

Server - Database

  • SPR# ICOR55BTA4 - Improved the way we deal with huge ID tables if fragmentation has occurred. Code has been added to better utilize fragmented space, allowing more IDs to be stored after the huge ID tables have been in use for some time
    Supporting Information:

    Even though this issue appears to have occurred in earlier releases of Notes 6.x Client, it appears to have been indirectly fixed in newer releases.

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