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Error: '...Maximum allowable documents exceeded for a temporary index' in log

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On a Lotus Domino server, you notice the following errors in the log.nsf file:

Full Text message: Index of 16931 documents exceeds limit (5000), aborting: Maximum allowable documents exceeded for a temporary full text index.


Warning: Agent is performing full text operations on database 'xxxxx.nsf' which is not full text indexed. This is extremely inefficient.

What is a temporary index and why does this error occur?


A temporary index is a full text index that is created "on the fly" when needed by functions that must operate on a full-text-indexed database when the database itself is not full text indexed. The index is created, used, and then destroyed. Temporary full text indexes are created in the GTRHOME subdirectory in the Data directory.

The restriction of documents allowed per temporary index is 5000. Starting in Domino 6.0, this number can be overridden via the following parameter in the notes.ini file:

    TEMP_INDEX_MAX_DOC=< number>

NOTE: This setting applies only to the server's notes.ini file since this is a server-side problem.

To use the Temp_Index_Max_Doc setting for an agent running on a server, you must also use the FT_Max_Search_Results setting and specify the same value for both notes.ini parameters.

As an additional workaround, you can create a full text index for the database especially if the error is seen with any regularity.

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