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You have created several repeating appointments using the Calendaring & Scheduling feature of Lotus Notes/Domino®. Some time later, you set up your archive profile to archive your mail file to a separate archive database. The archive procedure completes successfully. However, when you look at your Calendar view, you notice that some of your repeating appointments were also archived since these appointments had no activity and met the requirements to be archived in the archive profile.


Notes/Domino does not distinguish between a Calendar entry and a regular mail document when archiving. A request, for an option to exclude calendar documents from being archived while still archiving ALL other views and folders, has been submitted to Quality Engineering (SPR# TBOX79V786). There are no plans to investigate this request.
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As a workaround, you can set in your preferences to not show Calendar entries in the All Documents view. This seems to force the archiving process to look at the $NoPurge field rather than the modified date. Setting this flag will affect new Calendar entries, not existing ones. To remove existing Calendar entries from the All Documents view, you will need to write an agent that sets the ExcludeFromView field to include "A" for "all documents". By default, Calendar entries are created with a "D" -draft view and an "S" - sent view. Here is an example of a formula that could be used:

Field ExcludeFromView := "D" : "A" : "S"

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