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How to create a Directory Catalog and configure the Directory Catalog server in Notes/Domino

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How do you create the Directory Catalog database and configure the Directory Catalog server?


To create the Directory Catalog database:

1. Select File -> Database -> New and enter the server name that will be the directory catalog database. NOTE: Be sure to select your Domino server for the server type.

2. Choose the template name Directory Catalog (dircat5.ntf), and click OK.. NOTE: Do not select Catalog (5.0) (catalog.ntf).

3. Select Create -> Configuration from the menu to open the Directory Catalog Configuration document.

4. On the Basics tab, in the "Directories to include" field, list the filenames of the Domino directories to be included in the Directory Catalog. For example, names.nsf, names1.nsf, names2.nsf, names3.nsf.

5. Save and close the document.

    To configure the Directory Catalog server:

    1. Open the Server document for the Directory Catalog server.

    2. On the Basics tab, enter the name of the directory catalog filename that was created on the server. For example, dircat.nsf.

    3. On the Directory Cataloger tab, set the Schedule to ENABLED. NOTE: Do not set any other server to ENABLED.

    4. Open the Public Directory Profile by opening the Domino Directory and selecting Actions -> Edit Directory Profile. Specify the Directory Catalog filename in the "Directory Catalog database name for domain" field.

    5. Load the Directory Catalog server task on the server. On the server console type:

      load dircat

    Note: If you remove the dircat database listed in the Directory Catalog Filenames field, you must restart the Domino server. See technote #1113914 - "Directory Catalogs Still Used Even After Disabling in Server".

    Using the Directory Catalog on the client

    Once the Directory Catalog has been aggregated, the Notes client can replicate the Directory Catalog to the local client. To configure the Directory Catalog for use, do the following:

    1. Select File -> Preferences -> User Preferences.

    2. In Notes 5.x, select Mail and News. In Notes 6 and higher, select Mail -> General.

    3. Under the Configuration section in the field 'Local Address Books', click the Browse button and select the dircat.nsf. This applies the notes.ini parameter on the Notes client "names=names.nsf, dircat.nsf".

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