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Assignees/Participants Do not Receive Updated Group ToDo Task Sent by Chair

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UserA creates a ToDo task and assigns the task to UserB. UserA (Chairperson or project leader) modifies the same ToDo task, such as adding comments or changing the due date, then saves and closes the task. UserB (invitee or participant or assignee) does not receive the modifications.

Diagnosing the problem

1. A Chair/project leader/task assigner (UserA) opens the Calendar and selects from the Notes menu, Create > To Do. The Chair then changes the 'Assign To' choice from "Myself" to "Others" in order to make it a Group To Do, and adds an assignee name (UserB) to the To field in the Participants box that appears. The Chair sends the To Do to the assignee by selecting the 'Save and Send Assignments' button.
2. The Assignee opens the To Do and selects Respond > Accept.
3. The Chair receives an Accept notice from the Assignee.
4. The Chair edits the Subject of the To Do and selects the 'Save and Send Assignments' button.
5. The Assignee checks his/her Inbox but never receives the updated ToDo.

Resolving the problem

This issue has been reported to Quality Engineering as SPR# JSJI5L39RW as an enhancement request.


Updates will work when a Group To Do is rescheduled (meaning the due date is changed). Any changes made by the Chair/Project Leader/Task Assigner will be reflected in the update sent to the Assignees at that point.

Supporting Information:

Updates to Group To Do documents are coded differently than updates to Meeting documents because these documents serve two different functions. Therefore clicking the 'Send and Save Assignments' button in a Group To Do will only save any updates to the Originator's document, but since the assignment has already been sent, updates will not be sent to the Assignees unless the due date is changed.

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