Coding WMB ESQL to use singles quotes in the DOCTYPE declaration

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You use the XML tab within your WebSphere Message Broker (WMB) message to specify the PublicId and the SystemId for the DocType Declaration. You type in the string without any quotes. The system generates these fields with double-quote marks surrounding the string, however the receiving application had specified these strings be surrounded by apostrophes. See example below:

Generated from WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker (WBIMB):

<!DOCTYPE ciflob01 PUBLIC "xml file for CIF LOB updates" "CifUpdatedReq.dtd">

Application Requirements Specifications:

<!DOCTYPE ciflob01 PUBLIC 'xml file for CIF LOB updates' 'CifUpdatedReq.dtd'>

You want to know how to generate the single quotes.

Resolving the problem

According to the XML standards a double quote is required where you want a single quote. WBIMB follows these XML standards and thus is required to build the DOCTYPE declaration with the double quotes. There is not much that can be done to change this.

You could try converting the data to a BLOB before output, and then replacing the double quotes with single quotes.

The following is the link to the XML standards website:

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