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MustGather: Guidelines for gathering documentation when reporting a problem in IMS Database Repair Facility Compid - 5655-E03

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The following guidelines are provided to expedite the handling of any problem you may encounter


Typically with IMS Data Base Repair, a good description of the problem should include the following:

    1. The operation being tried
    2. The maintenance level of DBR
    3. The IMS release
    4. The ISPF screen you are on at the time of failure
    5. The expected result versus the result seen
When possible, capture the JOBLOG of your TSO session as well as any dump or session messages that might occur. These items will likely be requested by IBM support personnel.

Sending such items can be done via FTP or email attachments depending on size. You can receive instructions from IBM Level 2 support personnel on how to send such documentation.

Well-written procedures for documentation gathering on any problem can be found in the MVS Diagnosis: Procedures manual. For an example see Document Number: SY28-1082-02 or use the URL below. Follow these guidelines to get the problem documentation you need.

Occasionally you will be requested to gather additional documentation such as a trace or run time messages for REXX execs. This is done by finding the REXX procedure being used in the distribution dataset 'yourhlqs.SFABCLIB' and then editing the procedure to change the setting of the entry 'trace off' to 'trace on' and/or the entry 'x = msg(off)' to 'x = msg(on)'. These diagnostic tools are typically found at the beginning of the module following the module prologue. While trace or run time messages are not typically required to report a problem, they can be useful in your initial problem diagnosis and are mentioned here to aid users who might benefit from additional tools to pinpoint a problem. The term 'yourhlqs' (used above) stands for 'your high level qualifiers' and make up the dataset name of the specified distribution library.

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