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The IBM Migration Utility specifies that it works with programs written using CA-Easytrieve Plus®. Will it also work with programs written with CA-Easytrieve?


Yes, starting with Version 3.1, the IBM Migration Utility for z/OS first converts CA-Easytrieve programs to CA-Easytrieve Plus, and then on to COBOL for execution. So users can keep using the Easytrieve "Classic" language to write or maintain their programs, or they can use Easytrieve Plus.
Either way, users get the benefits of the Migration Utility's added functions, including the ability to create HTML reports, automatically generate character-separated-values (.CSV) files for spreadsheeting, and create HTML drilldown reports which logically link data from several levels. In the event of program abends, Migration Utility now identifies the original failing CA-Easytrieve program statement for better analysis.

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Software version: 3.2, 4.1

Operating system(s): z/OS

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Modified date: 2013-09-12