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Using a LMTCPB userid with WebFacing

Technote (troubleshooting)


WebFacing applications cannot be run using limited capabilities userids on the IBM i V5R4 and earlier. This note describes several work-arounds that will allow it to function.


WebFacing only supports limited capabilities users on versions of the IBM i operating system V6R1 and later.

Resolving the problem

A limited capabilities userid on the IBM i is one that has the LIMIT CAPABILITIES (LMTCPB) parameter set to *YES or *PARTIAL. Normally a userid with LMTCPB set will not function with WebFacing.

When running the IBM i operating system V6R1 and later, WebFacing sessions can be started for limited capabilities users with no changes to the userid. Simply ensure that the IBM i has the current WebFacing server PTFs.

For versions of the IBM i operating system prior to V6R1, the following circumventions may be used to allow limited capabilities userids to run in the WebFacing environment.

The simplest circumvention to this limitation is to have the initial program for the userid set to QSYS/QQFINVOKER:


The userid would then run a WebFacing runtime program as its initial program, allowing the user to run a WebFaced application.

Note: After changing the initial program for the userid in this way the userid can not be used to sign on to a regular interactive 5250 session.

A variation on the above is to rename the user's initial program to QQFINVOKER and place it in a library that occurs after QSYS in the library list, e.g. myLib/QQFINVOKER. This would allow the userid to be used in both the WebFacing and normal interactive 5250 environments.

For those using WDSC v7.0 or later, there is an additional circumvention that can be used. In this case simply create a HATS/WebFacing linked project and then invoke the application on the HATS side to get the signon there. After sign-on, any WebFaced applications that are run will be presented using the WebFaced screens.

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