ITM 5.1.2: Heartbeat status not displayed for all endpoints

Technote (troubleshooting)


Problem with the display of all heartbeat status of all endpoints in a Tivoli region when starting an ITM system with large numbers of endpoints

Resolving the problem

The main causes of such a problem are:
1. Low bandwidth using on a LAN or Wan Network with remote endpoint
2. Isolated Endpoints

The heartbeat processor is a slow working processor and in a situation with a slow lines, down-calls can takes a long time to complete. Hence the status of the endpoints are shown as unreachable. The other problem is that there are too many endpoints connecting to a gateway where there is a likely endpoint isolation. If you suspect that case to apply, then the solution might be to increase the number of polling threads.

To find out the current number of RPC threads set, use the command
odadmin get_rpc_max_threads

To increase the number of RPC threads, use
odadmin set_rpc_max_threads xxx
... where xxx is the required number of RPC threads.

Please note that if the number entered is larger than that allowed, there is no error message sent to the user and the amount is quietly set to the maximum limit.

Use the framework assess_9.1.tar. This utility will check the whole Tivoli environment and report on the status of every component.

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