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IBM Personal Communications File Transfer does not work from within ISPF Option 6

Technote (troubleshooting)


An alternate screen size can cause File Transfer to time out.


The probable causes are:

  • The session is defined to be a mod 5 type terminal.
  • The xxx.WS file has been modified to specify a ScreenSize with a value that defines the terminal width to be greater than 80. For example, the xxx.WS session might be defined with:

    In this case, running a File Transfer from option 6 of ISPF will time out with the following message:
    PCSXFER041 - Host has not responded within time-out period

Resolving the problem

ISPF generates a STLINE macro as a result of processing the IND$FILE command to do the File Transfer. Since an alternate screen size has been defined, VTAM protects the screen by issuing a reshow (the ***). This causes the Personal Communications dialog processing the File Transfer to get out of synch, which results in a time out.

You can avoid this problem by taking one of the following steps:

  • Only do the File Transfer from a mod 2 terminal definition.
  • Exit ISPF and do the transfer from native TSO.
  • Create the following entry in an ISPF command table for IND$FILE:

    When you add the entry to the shop's site command table, the ISPF command table does not need to be modified.

    ISPF Option 3.9 can be used to add the entry. For information on ISPF command tables, refer to the ISPF User's Guide Vol II.

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