Improving the performance when using Oracle for the WebSphere MQ Workflow Runtime database

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Is there any regular maintenance required when using Oracle for the WebSphere MQ Workflow Runtime database, similar to a runstats/rebind for DB2?

Resolving the problem

If you are using Oracle for your Workflow Runtime database, to improve the performance, it is recommended that you update the statistics for the database tables at regular intervals, for example, daily or weekly. The ideal frequency to perform this depends on the workload that your Workflow system handles. The lower the workload, the longer it will take to accumulate enough data to have statistical significance. To perform the database optimization the database must already be created and be a local database.

To update the statistics using fmczutil, perform the following:

  • start fmczutil and choose select in the Configuration commands menu (enter s)
  • enter the configuration identifier, where the statistics should be updated
  • choose the runtime database commands menu (enter r)
  • choose optimize database (enter o)
  • choose user id and enter password
  • select tables set you want to optimize
  • select analyze (enter a)
  • leave all menus by entering x each time

After updating the statistics, no additional steps are needed to make the database system use them.

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