Error code:SEV_2 ERR_bcfg_125 during install

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How to recover from an install that produces the error: "SEV_2 ERR_bcfg_125".


This error occurs when an upgrade install cannot find the seed file that netmon is configured to use. Generally, this occurs when the seed file is in the "/usr/OV/" directory tree. To alleviate the problem, perform the following steps:
1. Uninstall NetView, but keep the backup directory in place (for upgrade install).
2. In the backup directory, change the netmon configuration to not use a seed file. Do this by editing "ovsuf" and "netmon.lrf" and removing the -s flag and its argument.
3. Reinstall NetView following documented procedures (see the URL for Tivoli Information Center and access the NetView Installation Guide).

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