Determining How Many Processors Are Installed in a RS/6000.

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How to determine how many processors are installed in a RS/6000.


To determine how many processors are installed in a RS/6000, perform the following steps:
1. Issue:

run /usr/bin/lslpp -l | grep bos

2. Look for or bos.up. Both cannot be installed on the same system. bos.up is the base operating system kernal for a uniprocessor (1 processor). If is seen, the kernal for a multiprocessor system, more than 1 processor may be installed.

3. Issue:

run /etc/lsdev -C | grep proc

For each process installed on the system, something similar to the following line will be seen:

proc0 Available 00-00 Processor

A system with 2 processors installed would look like:

proc0 Available 00-00 Processor
proc1 Available 00-00 Processor

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