Building SmartSets with the "like" Operator "~"

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How to building a SmartSet based upon the ending of the IP hostnames of the nodes. For example, building a SmartSet of all of the nodes that end in "".


To build a SmartSet of all the nodes whose fully qualified hostnames end in
1. Open the SmartSet editor : Tools > SmartSet Editor ...
2. Select on the "Add..." button.
3. Give the SmartSet a name (fill in the "Name:" field).
4. For "Definition 1:" click on the "Modify..." button.
5. Under "Object Attributes" select "IP Hostname".
6. Under "Attribute Values" select "~" for "Condition" and enter "" as the "String Value". (The ~ is the "like" operator.)
7. Select "OK".
8. From the "Add SmartSet" screen, click the "Test" button to verify that the right nodes are being added to the SmartSet.
9. After verifying the SmartSet, click "OK" to add it.

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