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Unable to setup a Smartset populated with Cisco switches. Able to generate other Smartsets with other vendor routers but not the Cisco routers.


Smartset definitions consists of the following:
"List Attr: 'vendor' = 'cisco Systems'
"List Attr: 'isSNMPSupported' = True
An "ovobjprint -s" for one of the switches showed that the object database "vendor" parameter is "unset(0)". The "vendor" object database parameter is unset because the
"/usr/OV/conf/oid_to_type" and "/usr/OV/conf/C/oid_to_sym" files are not configured to reflect the Cisco switches in question.


To correct the issue, perform the following steps:

1. Add the following entries are added to those two files:
o oid_to_type file Systems:Cisco Switch:BH
o oid_to_sym file

2. After the files are updated, issue the following commands:
a. ovw -fields (generates appropriate fields in ovwdb such as vendor field)
b. ovw -verify ( verifies syntax)
c. ovw -verify (compiles symbol registration file)

3. Recycle netmon.

NOTE: If netmon is not recycled, the above changes will not be acknowledged.

The switches are deleted from all submaps and rediscovered.

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Systems Management and Tivoli Tivoli NetView NetView AIX, Solaris 6.x, 7.x

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