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Routers and servers in the DMZ are being monitored and SNMP cannot be used. Attributes on some systems need to be changed manually so they fit into a specific collection.


When trying to change the attributes, they are found to be read only. How is it possible, for example, set the "iscisco" attribute to TRUE?
NetView is an SNMP manager. If access is restricted to the SNMP agent on nodes, the function of NetView will be impaired. If the fields that NetView normally builds for itself are updated, some parts may work as desired but there is no guarantee that NetView will function as if it was able to fully manage the node. If restricting SNMP for security purposes, it may be necessary to tolerate with the restrictions that go along with that.

There is a utility with NetView that allows for updating of database fields on nodes. That utility is "/usr/OV/bin/nvdbimport". Check out the man page for usage information.

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