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CCN3300 Insufficient storage available when compiling via rlogin, telnet or OMVS using TSO.

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Able to compile a simple program in batch but was running out of storage when using rlogin or telnet. Unable to increase the region size in this environment.


CCN0634 Unable to load CCNETBY


Starting with Version 1 Release 9 the Compiler requires a minimum 148MB region. UNIX System Services manual suggests specifying 5,033,164 at minimum. The C/C++ Users Guide suggests you may need much more depending on the complexity of the programs being compiled and optimization level. The IEFUSI or IEALIMIT exit may also need to be adjusted if it is set to limit region size. Under TSO, a small REGION size during TSO LOGON can cause CCN0634 for some programs.



Resolving the problem

The MAXASSIZE setting in the BPXPRMxx member within SYS1.PARMLIB may need to be increased to specify enough region for compiling. Example: MAXASSIZE(536870912)

Batch users can simply increase the REGION parameter on the job statement. You may need to use a large amount such as 800M.

If this does not help, consider using the NOMEMORY compiler option.

In Addition: For IPA(LINK) storage problems or RC3000 you may also look at the MEMLIMIT option. The C/C++ migration guide for z/OS® 1.12 contains a reference on the use of MEMLIMIT setting and contains further references in MVS manuals. The guide states the setting should be at least 3000 MB. MEMLIMIT can be specified in the job statement.

Using OMVS from TSO ID you should increase the REGION specification during LOGON to accommodate the requirements of the programs.

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